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A New Kind of Energy Bar

Live Life Untamed, Question Everything.

Premium & Delicious Meat Bars
Soft & Crunchy Texture!
We make the Chad of energy bars.
We don't run with the crowd.
We question the Man.
We believe in freedom.
Live Untamed!.



AUPA Bars Are Loaded With Real Food

No Fillers
No Binders
No Preservatives
No Natural Flavors
No Artificial Flavors
No Soy, Corn or Wheat
No Industrial Sludge Anywhere

What People Are Saying

AUPA Bars Come In 3 Flavors

We want you satisfied, so we’ve crafted 3 tasty bars for you.


For animal-based purists. Ideal nutrition for health seekers looking for meat-based energy. Minimal ingredients for those looking for something quick and easy but that you can trust to have simply beef, butter, tallow, and a touch of honey. If you’re trying to be strict for health or your own self discipline this bar is your go-to.

Blueberry Almond

This bar is simply delicious, for the imperfect carnivore. Far from the industrial sludge found in other protein bars. This has a beef, butter, and tallow base for our community who eats a meat based diet but doesn’t take things too seriously and enjoys the extra flavor of pure blueberries and raw almonds. It’s like a meat treat.

Cranberry Pecan

Why not be thankful for your meat based diet any time of year? With our Cranberry Pecan bar you can have beef with a bit of cranberry, and pecan too. Simple, homemade, no seed oils or highly processed ingredients ever. For the imperfect carnivore.

Give Your Body Some Love

AUPA bars are packed with nutrients, yielding incredibly high energy density.



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