AUPA is the name of our company! It comes from the Basque word for ‘pick me up’. Our small children run around the house yelling ‘Aupa’ all day long to us. We thought it was the perfect name for our business.

AUPA is based in Longmont Colorado.

AUPA bars are made in Longmont Colorado. We make all our products in a commercial kitchen on Main Street where we abide by all health & safety codes.

We, like many other people, find it difficult to hold true to a clean meat-based diet especially on-the-go. We have been imperfect carnivores for some time now. Imperfect in the sense that we aren’t purists and don’t hold 100% to a purely animal based diet. We decided to make our own homemade on-the-go carnivore-based snacks. Try one out and you’ll be happy and satisfied!

AUPA was founded in late 2022 and officially launched in early 2023. AUPA is a registered business in Colorado officially called: AUPA Foods LLC.

At AUPA, we are committed to providing you with the highest quality beef while also supporting sustainable and regenerative farming practices. That’s why we make every effort to source our beef from regenerative farms.

Our minimum requirement for beef is that it must be grass-fed and grass-finished, and we only work with American family farms. We believe that this approach not only provides your body with the highest quality beef, but also supports sustainable beef production that is in harmony with nature.

We are passionate about promoting responsible and sustainable agriculture, and we believe that by sourcing our beef from regenerative farms, we are doing our part to create a better future for the planet and the people who inhabit it.

We are two parents with two young kids trying our best to provide our family with the best nutrition possible. Our names are Jennifer and Robert (JJ & Rob). We live on an acre in Longmont Colorado. We value homesteading, self-reliance, self-sovereignty, and questioning. We are very displeased with the health and nutrition advice provided by our societal leadership. We decided to go against the grain and base our nutrition mostly around animals and some plants. Our goal is to provide our family with healthy nutrient dense foods that will give them the best chances to avoid todays diseases that plague our society. We have a serious health problem in our country and we intend to be part of the solution. Join us, change the way you eat, and it might just change your life.

Absolutely not! Never! Nada! No Way! We don’t ever use seed oils and never plan to. Our ingredients are simple; a typical bar contains high quality beef, tallow, honey, butter, fruits, and nuts. We have several bar flavors so make sure to check the ingredients of the specific bar you are interested in. Our products page contains macro nutrition information.

Memeing vegans is part of our marketing strategy and also its just fun! We also firmly believe that its not the best dietary style. I mean, have you ever met a third generation vegan!?! Hehehe. We like to troll vegans a bit since its sort of the opposite of who we are. We are definitely not vegans. We like to meme and troll vegans but in a light-hearted way. We mean no harm or disrespect to anyone. Veganism and Carnivorism are individual choices and everyone should have a free choice.

Of course we do! We’ve been making AUPA bars for our own family to satisfy us on outings (vacations, hikes, quick snack or lunch, etc) since we know there are not many other on-the-go snack options for people like us (and you!). We have a very busy life and our schedule is always packed, so the convenience of eating an AUPA bar for lunch is great! We do it often. 

Right now we are only shipping orders to addresses in the USA. We will ship to selected international regions once we complete our full USDA certification, which is currently pending.

At AUPA, we take food safety and your health very seriously. That’s why we are proud to say that we are certified in food safety and handling, and are fully compliant with all federal, state, county, and city food safety codes. Our bars are crafted in a code-compliant commercial kitchen, ensuring that they are made in a controlled and safe environment.

In addition, we carefully identify and source our ingredients based on their exceptional quality, allowing us to create bars that are both delicious and safe to consume. We never cut corners when it comes to food safety, and we take every step necessary to ensure that our bars meet the highest standards. So, you can enjoy your AUPA bars with confidence, knowing that we have taken every precaution to keep you safe and healthy.

Each ingredient that comes into our kitchen is checked for quality, freshness, water activity and temperature (if needed).

Tallow is rendered suet (hard fatty tissues parts) from cows.

We are currently determining the shelf life of our bars, and while we do not have an official timeframe yet, we are eager to provide our customers with accurate information. Our bars are undergoing lab-grade testing and isotherm charts are being created to determine their exact shelf life under various storage conditions. As of now, we have bars that are over 3 months old and have been stored at room temperature without any issues. However, we recommend refrigerating the bars until ready to consume, as some people find them more enjoyable when chilled. Our tallow has a rated shelf life of 1 year in the fridge, which gives us an indication that our bars should also last longer than that. While we are assuming a 6-month shelf life in the fridge until we have more data, we are confident that they will last much longer. We are working with a food lab to measure the bars’ water activity, which is currently below 0.6aW, making it impossible for mold, fungus, or other microorganisms to grow. Additionally, we are in the process of improving our packaging by heat-sealing the foil to prevent grease from staining the cardboard sleeve and meet our goal of achieving a shelf life of 1-2 years without refrigeration. While we apologize for getting technical, we want to ensure that our customers have the most accurate information. Unofficially, we believe the bars will remain fresh in the fridge for 6 months, but once we finalize our packaging and receive official lab results, we aim to provide a shelf life of 1-2 years or more to meet the needs of those preparing for emergencies.

Great question. These are small pieces of meat, fat, suet or connective tissues. When the meat is dehydrated they shrink down into smaller firmer chunks. They are chewable. We blend the mixture to a specified consistency to achieve a soft and crunchy texture. No worries, they are NOT Chia seeds 🙂

Yes, we add a very small amount of honey to the bars. We know this is a contentious topic but we consider bees to be animals and that honey is animal-based. Some get extremely caught up in exact definitions. We use the term ‘carnivore’ to describe our Apex bar, which has honey in it. If this offends you, I’m not sure what to say!?

It appears that your bar is currently wrapped in our first generation packaging. This packaging includes a black aluminum foil that encases the bar and is then slid into a thick paper sleeve. Occasionally, a small amount of tallow may escape from the foil and stain the paper sleeve, but this only happens at room temperature and not in the fridge. This staining is purely cosmetic and does not affect the safety or quality of the AUPA bars.

However, we are constantly striving to improve our products and packaging. As such, we are currently in the process of designing the second generation packaging. This will include an air-tight and heat-sealed foil and potentially a fully enclosed paper housing, which will better protect the bars from environmental factors and ensure that they remain fresh for longer periods. Stay tuned for updates on this exciting development!

The choice is yours! AUPA bars can be enjoyed at room temperature or chilled, depending on your preference. Our customers have different ways of enjoying them, and we encourage you to find what works best for you.

It’s important to note that AUPA bars are shelf-stable at room temperature and do not require refrigeration for food safety reasons. However, for the best taste and texture, we recommend storing your bars in the fridge. This will ensure that you get the most out of your AUPA bar experience.

Botulism is a rare and severe illness caused by a toxin that targets the nerves in the body. Due to its potential gravity, we have taken measures to ensure that AUPA bars are safe for consumption. Specifically, we have carefully crafted our bars to have a water activity level that is too low for botulism to thrive. In fact, our bars have a water activity level of under 0.6aW, which is well below the minimum water activity threshold of 0.85aW required for the growth and existence of Clostridium botulinum. This means that our bars are protected from the risks associated with botulism, providing peace of mind for our consumers.

AUPA bars have an exceptionally low water activity, below 0.6aW, creating an environment that is unsuitable for the survival, growth, or reproduction of microorganisms. However, Listeria can still pose a potential risk to consumers, as even a small amount of this bacteria can cause illness. Although it is highly unlikely that Listeria can exist in our bars at such a low water activity, there is a possibility that it may be introduced during the packaging process and could potentially adhere to the bars. While Listeria cannot grow or reproduce in such an environment, it is possible that it may cause illness if introduced during a poorly performed packaging step.

To mitigate this risk, we take extreme precautions during our packaging process. We adhere to all food safety and health codes, disinfect surfaces and hands regularly, wear gloves that are frequently changed, and follow a thorough HACCP plan. We are confident in our process and regularly feed our own children AUPA bars.

Rest assured, AUPA bars are safe to consume. We take the safety of our products very seriously and will continue to prioritize food safety in all aspects of our operations.

Check out this water activity chart:

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