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We're Jay Jay & Rob of AUPA!
Our mission is just starting and we want to share more about it with ya'll!


AUPA is dedicated to providing our customers with convenient, nutritious meat-based snacks that are free from industrial additives. 

Our mission is to empower small, local regenerative farms and ranches by sourcing our ingredients from these hardworking Americans. Our goal is not simply to make a virtue signal, but to be a part of the change that will improve our health and food system. 

At AUPA, we believe that the answer to a healthy diet is to include animal products, as nature intended. Veganism, as it is commonly understood, is not a natural system and does not account for the role of animals in regenerating the land. 

That’s why we’re proud to produce the AUPA Bar right here in Colorado. Reclaim your food intelligence through carnivory! 

Give your body the needed fuel to power your modern life free of the processed sugars, preservatives, and seed oils that litter food today.

We couldn’t have done this without Donny!


                                                            – Jay Jay & Rob