AUPA Sponsored Athletes

Max Flory USA Diver

The 2023 ACC Men’s Diver of the Year dominated the ACC Championships, securing gold in all categories. Notably, he defended his 3-meter title and received the Most Valuable Diver award. With previous NCAA All-America honors and a strong pre-college record, his diving career exemplifies remarkable consistency and skill.

Moovin Round

Known for her beautiful black and white spots. She loved to be brushed and pampered by the farm’s visitors. Everyone admired her elegance and grace.

Daisey Mooington

The friendliest cow in the pasture. She always greeted the other animals with a warm smile and a gentle “moo.” Her kindness made her the most popular cow in the barn.

Buttercup Holstein

The cow with a big heart. Whenever a calf needed help, Bessie was there to comfort and protect them. She was like a mother to all the young cows.

If you’re looking to become a sponsored athlete for AUPA, it’s important to demonstrate a strong passion for physical activity, a consistent commitment to fitness and overall health, and a desire to inspire and motivate others. This can include a strong social media presence and a willingness to share your journey towards achieving your fitness goals with others.


Additionally, consider seeking out opportunities to participate in AUPA events and competitions, and explore ways to collaborate with other athletes or fitness influencers in the industry. By showcasing your dedication and enthusiasm for fitness and overall health, you can become a valuable ambassador for the AUPA brand and help inspire and empower others to prioritize their own well-being.